What services are covered by a general health security card?

The general health insurance in Germany covers yearly the gynecological cancer prevention, which includes the PAP-smear, and a manual abdominal and breast examination. Some insurance companies cover additionally the costs of a vaginal ultrasound once a year as well. Beside these we undertake of course treatments of any kind of gynecological problems or pregnancy. Please find more under “Services”.

Do I need an ultrasound control as a supplement to a general cancer prevention examination?

Although the health security doesn’t cover the costs of any ultrasonographic examination, from the medical point of view it is highly recommended in order to set up an accurate diagnosis, to face an exact clinical picture and to screen both ovaries , the uterus and the breast cancer properly.

Is there any appointment needed if I just need a prescription?

In case you take the medicine recently and You don’t have any complaints with it you are very welcome to visit us without any appointment.

In case it is about a new medicament, which was not taken before we would like to ask you for an appointment in order to let enough time to discuss all the details concerning the new medicine.

Could you send me a prescription by post?

In case you need a recently taken medicament and you have already been in our office in the actual quarter and Yyu cover the postal costs in advance we send you gladly a prescription without coming into our office. Please give us a call in case of such demand.

How do I get to know the result of the cancer examination?

Normally we don’t react in case of everything is in order and the result is negative in every aspect. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the exact result, you can either call us by phone anytime after the 10th day of the examination or we send you the results with pleasure either through email or by post – after covering the costs of delivery. Please indicate your demand the best already at the time of the examination.

In case the test shows minor infection, which doesn’t require any further examinations we automatically send you a prescription by post. Please take out the medicament, use the medicine according to the description and please ask for an appointment for a control check ca 3 months after finishing the treatment.

In case we discover the signs of more serious problems we report ourselves immediately either by phone or by post in order to make out a new appointment with you as soon as possible to discuss the further treatment or to make further examinations.